Sandman Capital Advisors

About Us

More than 20 years
of experience

Sandman Capital Advisors EAF, is an independent financial advisory firm which provides services exclusively focused on wealth management and tailor made financial advisory, both for private clients and for legal entities.

We help our clients design a long-term investment strategy, review their investment risks, reduce costs, or monitor and implement investment decisions on a regular basis.

We work as a team with financial institutions and fund managers as well as with market research providers. We are grounded in values such as: real independence; social responsibility, ethics and sustainability; commitment to our clients; exclusivity; and confidentiality.

We want our clients to feel as they have their own Family Office and their own investment team, merely outsourced, avoiding all conflicts of interest.

Sandman Capital Advisors was registered as “EAF” in Spain, licensed by the CNMV in May 2012. As a regulated institution providing financial advisory services, it’s supervised by the CNMV and it complies with specific training requirements, extensive knowledge, relevant experience and reputation, all of which ensure our client’s protection.

EAFs are regulated companies by the Securities Market Law, by RD 217/2008 on a law-based regime of the investment service companies, and by Circular 10/2008 of the Spanish Securities & Exchange Commission (CNMV), which provides statistical information and the main figures of the EAFs.

Why “Sandman”?

We like to think of ourselves as this Sandman, which helps our clients have peaceful nights, making sure that they fulfill their dreams.

At the time when the company was created in 2012, and after listening to children’s songs in German, our founder Cristina fell in love with a story of a mythical character that helps children sleep at night. “Sandman, lieber Sandman” brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand on the eyes of children while they sleep at night. The crusting of the eyelashes when they wake up is the sign of attention and affection from this Sandman.