Sandman Capital Advisors

Added Value

Professionalism and Excellence

We aim for the highest level of professionalism and excellence in our services.

Completely Independent

We are completely independent and avoid any conflict of interest, given that we do not receive any kind of rebates.

Our References are the Endowments

Our references are the Endowments of the best universities and the managers of large family offices.

Long Term View

Long term view and wealth preservation for future generations are the distinctive features of large institutions in which we believe.

Access the Best Entities and the Best Investments Worldwide.

Thanks to our international expertise and network, we have a cosmopolitan view which allows our clients to work with the best entities and access the best investments worldwide.

A Global and Unique Investment Strategy

We define a global and unique investment strategy, based on the specific needs of each client.

Global Approach

This global approach results in a greater security and long-term solid returns.

Alternative Investments and Private Equity

We are specialized in alternative investments and Private Equity, giving clients access to top-quartile global managers, investing alongside institutional investors.

Advising with Specific Tactics

We monitor investments closely, advising with specific tactics according to the market’s volatility.

Reduce Costs

We reduce costs and provide transparency of banking fees.

Single Customized Global Report

We provide a single customized global report, including all the client’s consolidated accounts.

Optimize Taxes

We optimize taxes, working closely with your tax advisors.