Sandman Capital Advisors

Our Services

We offer services to private clients and legal entities on an ongoing basis, or as a one-off advisory.

Independent financial advisory
Investment Strategy

  • We devote time to get to know your needs.
  • We define the investment objectives.
  • We take into consideration your taxation.
  • We perform a study of your profile, as well as your initial financial situation.
  • We develop a strategic investment plan.

Independent financial advisory
Implementation and Monitoring

  • Based on the defined roadmap, we select the best investments within each asset class.
  • Analysis and selection of investment products is essential, which takes place on an ongoing basis, both for direct investments and funds or ETFs.
  • Periodic monitoring and control of the portfolio.
  • We report results and profitability.
  • We cut portfolio costs.

Ad hoc advisory

  • Participation in your investment committee, from an independent viewpoint.
  • Global and independent investment proposal.
  • Second opinion on investments.
  • Criterion on financial markets.
  • Risk analysis of a portfolio.
  • Construction of a Private Equity portfolio.
  • Selection of custodians.
  • Personalized reporting.


  • We consolidate all assets and liabilities into a single customized report providing an overall portfolio view and detailed positions for each entity.
  • We provide transparency.
  • We offer an online access for our clients so they can view their portfolio at any given time and in a comfortable way.